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DVD010 - Dress Your House For Success DVD
  • Loan this DVD to your listings so they can see the importance of staging their home for a faster sale.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have used Dress Your House for Success - the original home staging program - for a fast, top-dollar sale in every market and every price range.
  • Learn how to package a house to capture the hearts - and offers - of buyers.
  • In this 18 minute DVD, you'll discover, in just five easy steps, dozens of inexpensive, effective things your seller can do to help buyers envision the house as their home.
  • Includes a checklist to help sell a house for the best price in the least amount of time.
  • $29.95(0-0 qty.)
    $24.95(1+ qty.)
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    DVD014 - David Knox - Selling By Owner DVD
  • While this DVD shows sellers the entire process of home selling including Marketing, Selling and Closing, it will most likely discourage, not encourage, them from going FSBO.
  • In most cases - after watching this 21 minute DVD which covers sellers' objectives, selling challenges, marketing, selling, closing and FSBO Companies - sellers will find the home-selling process overwhelming and will prefer to list with a real estate agent rather than sell on their own!
  • $19.95(1+ qty.)
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    DVD015 - David Knox - Expired Listing DVD
  • Expired listings are such a great source of business that it's a surprise more agents aren't working them.
  • Simply make contact, offer this DVD, then follow up!
  • The live interviews with real estate agents explain the process of expiring and the importance of re-listing. Owner discouragement will change to refreshed optimism!
  • As many as 20% of homes on the market don't sell during their listing term. In this 16 minute DVD, David Knox will help you examine the reasons and solutions including:
  • Three reasons why listings expire.
  • How to analyze the marketing.
  • How to improve the property's condition.
  • Pricing strategies to get the home sold.
  • $19.95(1+ qty.)
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    DVD016 - David Knox - 8 Steps to Buying a Home DVD
  • David Knox knows that it can be very frustrating to waste precious time with unmotivated, indecisive buyers. This DVD eliminates non-buyers by asking, "If your real estate agent found a home tonight that met your needs, would you buy it? If not, then don't look now."
  • David Knox also addresses the critical issue of "Should you buy first or sell first?" - which alone makes this DVD an important selling and listing tool. Buyers will also learn:
  • How to work with and be loyal to their real estate agent - and to consider a buyer agency contract.
  • How to establish price range and financing.
  • Efficient house hunting techniques.
  • The importance of submitting an attractive purchase agreement.
  • In just 18 minutes your buyers will actually be prepared to buy, and you'll reap the benefits of working with buyers that understand the entire homebuying process...from beginning to end!
  • $19.95(1+ qty.)
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